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PecheBlu (TM) applies state-of-the-art athletic shoe design to luxury sports flip flops, combining the support of an athletic shoe base with the comfort of a flip flop strap. Since many of you now wear flip flops as sports sandals all day, we designed our high-end line to move with your foot's anatomy using a hard outside rubber shell and soft inside rubber. We found the best athletic shoe designer, who had previously worked for New Balance and Tod's, and used fashion colors to match modern lifestyles.

We want you to know that PecheBlu (TM) uses technology to make the best flip flops, especially for:

* Competitors who rely on their feet, whether basketball, tennis, hockey, football, soccer, lacrosse, skateboarding, skating, blading, skiing, snowboarding, sailing, climbing, golf, rugby, crew, volleyball, even fencing, ping pong, karate, judo, and hiking. You are at a competitive disadvantage with tired feet, even if you are unaware they are tired. Traditional flat rolled out flip flops cause foot fatigue - PecheBlu (TM) sports sandals and flip flops help prevent it.

A tenth of second can be the difference between first and last place. Train smarter even off the playing field with PecheBlu (TM).

* Travelers and vacationers who do a lot of walking and want to prevent the foot fatigue from traditional flat flips.
* City dwellers who walk cement sidewalks, stairs, and city streets.
* Outdoor people who travel terrain from beaches to rocks, to dirt roads to highways, and who want comfort, cushioning and more support with the comfort of a flip flop strap.
* Older feet, for whom comfort and support is even more important.
* Younger wearers, where better support in your teens and twenties can prevent foot problems later.